Thursday, April 19, 2018

MUET Speaking Tip(s)

Text: Teacher Rozanne
Photo: Teacher Rozanne

How to score in your MUET Speaking Test?

1) Have vast general knowlegde especially on the current issues? Read newspapers for that. Be it online or get a copy from the bookstand.

2) Explain. Explain. Explain. Do not stop with a mere mention of points. State relevant examples as well.

3) Communicate. This is the key. Do not ‘read’ your notes, ‘refer’ to them, then look at the examiners and other candidates.

4) Show enthusiasm. Show your confidence (of course this will not be natural if you come to the test without ‘sufficient’ knowledge) and get your correct posture.

5) Speak. Speak. Speak. Try ypur best to ‘speak’! Yes, you read this correctly! I mean you have to ‘speak’! Coz some candidates would jot down a lot, yet ‘refuse’ to speak up. 🤦‍♀️

6) All the best in your MUET Speaking test! 😉

Teacher Rozanne


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