Monday, June 27, 2016

Journal Writing to go

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Rozanah Zakaria

For SPM candidates out there, I believe you have finished your mid-term examination. You should now already putting your full energy to preparing for the real SPM exam.

The most important element in SPM papers (paper 1 and 2), is your writing skills. Writing carries about 74 percent of your total marks in both papers. Does it not seem important still to you? It sure does, right?

So, what do you do to write good essays? If you are an avid reader, this should not be a big problem to you, since you have the language in your head. You just need to ponder the details with the mechanics of writing to master the techniques to at par with SPM level requirement.

However, if you are still finding your ways to writing, you should start NOW with Journal Writing. What is it? Journal Writing is a way for you to 'polish' your skills in writing with correct structures.

How do you go about doing it?

Just take a small note book, take it wherever you go, write whatever you feel, at anytime of the day. But, the best time, according to my experience doing this during my study, is to pour everything inside the journal just before you go to slumberland. This way, you get two benefits. Number one: you help ease the 'burrden' in your mind  by expressing your feelings in writing or happenings during the whole day. Number two: you are sharpening your memory as you will try to remember in sequence the happenings for the whole day.

Isn't that good for you as a student? Sure it does, I believe.

So, grab a book, write!

Till we meet again. Bye!

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