Saturday, September 16, 2017

How to improve your essay writing for SPM

Text: Rozanah Zakaria

Improving your essay writing is a crucial thing to do. It is not as easy as ABC, yet it is attainable if you have enough determination to pursue it.

As for your SPM examination that is around 5 weeks to go (minus one week of holiday in October), these are some quick ways that may help you:

1) read articles of current issues.
I would like to recommend the Star Online paper as this will help you with the sentence structure, vocabularies and most importantly, giving you ideas on what to write for your essay.

2) make dictionary your best buddy.
Always look up the dictionary for any words you find difficult to understand.

3) practice writing every day.
Write every day as this will prepare you to get used to writing. At this time, since your SPM is getting very near, you can write a page a day. Topics to write? Rewrite whatever you read on the newspaper. Hopefully by doing this, you will find it easy to write during your exam.

Happy writing! 😊

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