Saturday, September 16, 2017

Teknik menjawab novel SPM Sing to The Dawn

Teks: Rozanah Zakaria

Contoh soalan:

Write about a memorable event in the novel. Explain how this relates to a character in the novel.

In the novel Sing to the Dawn by Minfong Ho, a memorable event in the story is when Dawan is announced as the winner for the scholarship to further her study in the city. This event is closely related to Dawan as she did her best to attain the scholarship.

When Dawan is announced as the winner for the scholarship, she is shocked as she never expects a girl would win the prestigious award. This part is memorable as it relates to her determination later, when she seeks help from people around her, to let her achieve her dream. Her determination is shown when she goes to see the head monk to help her convinve her father, to let her go to the city. Her father believes that a girl furthering her study is a waste of time. Since she knows her father respects the head monk, she is confident that, if the head monk persuade her father, he will let her go. However, it turns out to be a sour affair for her as the head monk, similar to others in the village, belief that a mere schoolgirl like Dawan does not deserve a higher education. She is so frustrated that she runs out of the temple crying. Yet, she does not stop there. She is still determined in convincing her father to let her go. Looking at Dawan's determination, it is indeed a memorable event when she is announced as the winner for the scholarship. It sparks the determination in her to secure what is hers. We as teenagers should always follow Dawan's characteristic.

Next, after she is announced as the winner for the scholarship, Dawan shows her caring side when she is more concerned of her brother's feeling. After knowing the result, friends surrounded her. Yet, she has mixed feeling of happy and worry at the same time. She is looking for her brother Kwai. As usually they will walk home togeher after school, that day she is worried as Kwai is seen clutching to his books, looking sad. Then Kwai disappears. When she reaches home, Kwai is not there either. This shows that Dawan is caring towards her brother. Even she is happy that she gets what she always wants, she is aso concerned about Kwai since she knows that he has high hope to get the scholarship as well. This is shown when they are sitting on the old rickety bridge at dawn, whenKwai tells her about his dreams of exploring the city if he gets to go there. Kwai also tells about how he will come back to the village and help his father with new ways of farming. Remembering all these, Dawan is sad for her brother. She is in dilemma as she herself really yearn to be there in the city, but at the same time, she is concerned of her brother's frustration of not getting what he always dreams of. Here, we can see that Dawan is caring towards her brother even she has got what she wants. I believe we should always be caring towards our siblings, like what Dawan shows towards her brother, Kwai.

Other than that, this is a memorable event for Dawan when she is announced as the winner for the scholarship as this shows Dawan's bravery to speak up for herlself. In her village, it is uncommon for girls to speak up. For example, Dawan is not confident at first when she wants to ask questions to her teacher. However, with Kwai's encouragement, she speaks up. She ia surprised when her teacher doesn't ignore her. Then, she is brave to talk to her father, to let her pursue her study in the city. She asks her father to let her try, giving example of the sparrow that is never let out of the cage. Her father is shocked but eventually he grants her his permission to let her go. We can see Dawan's bravery here as she speaks up for herself with his father when her mother is also afraid of him. I believe we should be brave like Dawan, in fighting for our right in life. 

All in all, it is a memorable event when Dawan is announced as the winner for the scholarship as this shows us her determination, caring and bravery in fighting fir her right for education. Let us be like Dawan, fighting for our right, as well as for our society's whenever it is needed of us. 

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