Sunday, December 25, 2016

Essay Writing

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Rozanah Zakaria

Life is like a cup of coffee.

Salam all students.
What to add to make your writing more interesting?

Below are some expressions you can use in your writing.

However, bear in mind to use these expressions appropriately.
It means that, you should understand the meanings of the expressions before using them in your essay.
Do not simply put them where they are not needed at, okay?

1) We need a breath of fresh air.
2) The seeds of respect cultivated a long time ago remain lush.
3) Clear fluorescent lighting illuminates row after row of sturdy shelves.
4) In the middle of the store stands a huge wooden pillar reminiscent of the trunk of a great tree.
5) The carefree Malacca girl fresh out pf university in the big city found herself in unfamiliar territory.
6) I was an appalling student in university.
7) I am not clever, but I had my moments of cunning.

These are all taken from various articles in the Star Online.newspaper.

All the best in your writing!

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