Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Teks: Rozanah Zakaria

Rules for parking:

1) Park in the designated area
2) Park inside the parking lot
3) Be considerate when you need to park behind others' car(s), ie shift your gear to Neutral and leave your phone number (can put under your wiper or display on the dashboard so it can be seen) to be contacted.
4) Never! Never! Never park in front of someone's gate! Whatever the reason may be. For god sake, go find a space for your car! Surely walking a little bit far won't do you any harm! *sigh*
5) Park your car responsibly, as you never know, your blocking a car might cause fatal as someone is denied a rush and immediate attention at the hospital for any emergency, simply because of ONE INCONSIDERATE 'parker' (if I may say so)!

Last note, always be considerate. Life doesn't just revolve around YOU alone!

Happy parking! ;)


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