Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to make writing as a part of your life?

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Rozanah Zakaria

My students in the midst of 'cracking the code' for writing class.

How to make yourself excellent in writing?

Do this, everyday!

Take your pen now, write a sentence of 6 words describing your situation or feeling today or whatever your are experiencing today. 

Just write (for beginners, you can use dictionary to help you with more bombastic words), never stop more than five second to think, doing so, you will find your ideas flow smoothly. 

For the start, mark your calendar to do this for the rest 40 days, then I assure you, writing will become a part of you.

This whole idea of writing a sentence a day I got from this blogspot (and I add some amendment, with some of my ideas) you can refer to the blogspot address below.

To whosoever writer of this blog, I pray that God bless you with the brilliant ideas that you shared. Hope you don't mind me sharing your brilliant ones here. Thank mister

To all students out there, start writing today, for you will find another side of your life in doing this.


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