Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Never judge

Text: Anonymous
Adapted by: Rozanah Zakaria

I seldom read a very long message especially in any whatsApp @ Telegram group, except that it was of official matter.

But this one caught my attention that I feel the urge to share it with you, my friends.

~A 24-year old boy looking out through a train's window shouted, "Dad, look, "the trees are going behind; they are moving very fast" his Dad simply stared at him with so much joy and smiled!

A young couple seated nearby looked at the 24-year old and thought to themselves, he's so grown up but so childish, he must have a mental disorder for his father not to be bothered.

Suddenly the young man exclaimed again; Dad, look, "the clouds are running with us"

The couple could not resist and said to the old man, "why don't you take your son to a good doctor may be a psychiatrist?"

The old man smiled and said:
"I just did. We are just coming from a doctor but not a psychiatrist ; we are just coming from the hospital."

"My son was blind from birth. He just got his sight today for the very first time, his behavior may seem stupid to you, it's more than a miracle to me."

The young couple just sat down there, lost for words with a mixture of tears and shame in their eyes.

Everybody on earth has a story;

don't judge people so fast or jump into conclusion about their private affairs;

you don't know where they are coming from or what they have to deal with.

The truth behind their story might surprise you.

Take it easy with others, even if you have a perfect life.

Let us keep working towards the good of all."

Source: Anonymous

~This story inspired me.
I hope you are inspired too.~


Diaclaimer: this is a story I randomly picked from one of my whatsApp group, it is a shared story, it's nit even my own writing. If you are the owner of this beautiful recount, do contact me so I can acknowledge your awesomely inspiring story. 😍

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Summary Writing for 1119/2, SPM

Teks: Rozanah Zakaria

Bagaimana menulis Summary?

1) salin 10 perkataan diberi (the 10 words given)

2) lukis lines/box untuk tandakan range. 


Lihat soalan, ada dinyatakan anda perlu mencari isi penting 'from line ___ to line ___', kemudian buat garisan untuk memastikan tiada isi yang diambil sebelum atau selepas range tersebut.

Ini amat penting kerana jika terdapat sebarang isi penting yang diambil di luar range yang diberikan, markah 'language' anda mungkin terjejas.

3) mula mencari isi-isi penting berdasarkan soalan diberi. Beri tumpuan pada 'keyword' seperti what/how, untuk memudahkan mencari isi yang dikehendaki.

4) baca teks sambil merujuk samaada isi tersebut menjawab soalan yang diberikan.

5) tanda/highlight/garis isi-isi penting.

6) salin isi-isi penting tanpa mengubah struktur ayat. 

7) gunakan 'compund sentences' atau 'complex sentences' jika and yakin struktur ayat anda betul.

8) jika kurang pasti tentang bagaimana membina 'compund sentence' atau 'complex sentence', salin tanpa mengubah apa-apa ayat, ini adalah jalan selamat dari meletakkan diri anda berisiko kehilangan markah 'language'.

Jika anda salin semula isi-isi penting dengan betul, serta tiada langsung kesalahan ejaan, anda boleh mendapat 3 markah 'language', menjadikan jumlah markah summary anda 13/15, bagus bukan?

9) tulis sehingga sekurang-kuranganya 127 atau 130 patah perkataan. Jangan lebih walau satu huruf kerana ia akan menjejaskan struktur ayat anda. Markah hanya diberi sehingga mksimum perkataan yang ke-130 sahaja.

Selamat menulis!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Section B Paper 2 SPM

Teks: Rozanah Zakaria
Foto: Rozanah Zakaria

Tekun dan saling-membantu adalah antara syarat utama untuk berjaya.
Bahagian B Kertas 2 SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) mengandungi 10 soalan.
Calon perlu mengisi tempat kosong yang disediakan, berdasarkan stimulus yang diberikan.
Bagi bahagian ini, semua soalan adalah agak 'straight-forward', maksudnya, jawapan boleh diambil terus daripada teks yang disediakan.

Namun, seiring pelaksanaan KBAT (Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi), ada sedikit perubahan bagi teknik menjawab.
Mungkin ada beberapa soalan yang calon perlu tambah perkataan tertentu bagi menjawab soalan berkenaan dengan tepat.

Satu peringatan untuk menjawab bahagian B ini bagi mendapat markah penuh, calon mesti memastikan jawapan tidak melebihi apa yang dikehendaki oleh soalan, atau istilahnya dipanggil 'overlifting.'

Jaga ejaan supaya tidak tersilap walau satu huruf, kerana kesilapan yang selalu dianggap 'kecil' ini adalah antara punca calon hilang banyak markah bagi bahagian ini.

Selamat menjawab!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Essay Writing

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Rozanah Zakaria

Life is like a cup of coffee.

Salam all students.
What to add to make your writing more interesting?

Below are some expressions you can use in your writing.

However, bear in mind to use these expressions appropriately.
It means that, you should understand the meanings of the expressions before using them in your essay.
Do not simply put them where they are not needed at, okay?

1) We need a breath of fresh air.
2) The seeds of respect cultivated a long time ago remain lush.
3) Clear fluorescent lighting illuminates row after row of sturdy shelves.
4) In the middle of the store stands a huge wooden pillar reminiscent of the trunk of a great tree.
5) The carefree Malacca girl fresh out pf university in the big city found herself in unfamiliar territory.
6) I was an appalling student in university.
7) I am not clever, but I had my moments of cunning.

These are all taken from various articles in the Star Online.newspaper.

All the best in your writing!

Friday, December 23, 2016


Teks: Rozanah Zakaria
Foto: Rozanah Zakaria

   Waktu makan adalah yang terpenting    
        untuk merapatkan ukhuwwah.

Holiday bukan semata-mata berseronok.
Ianya lebih dari itu.

Itulah waktu kita beramah mesra dengan adik-beradik.
Itulah masa kita beri tumpuan pada anak-anak.
Itulah masa untuk kita 'cover' masa untuk ibu bapa.
Itulah masa kita 'mencari' semula diri kita, yang mungkin 'hilang'.

Itulah masanya.

Hargai masa kita bersama ahli keluarga.
In sha Allah, urusan lain akan dipermudahkan Allah.

Syaratnya: jangan berhenti berusaha dan berharap. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ready to face your SPM?

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Google Search

Hi to all 2017/2018 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates! Are you ready for the challenging year(s) ahead? Well, you should!

If you are sitting for your SPM examination in 2018, should your first step taken the moment you are in your form 4, welcome to the world of fun learning! Your life won't be turn topsy-turvy since it's an early preparation!

So, ready for (a) fun yet challenging year(s) ahead learning English with me? Let's get get on board!

How to be good in writing, naturally.

Text: Rozanah Zakaria
Photo: Rozanah Zakaria
Try to recall and jot down any occurences throughout your day.

Hi to all readers!

Have you written anything in your writing book today?
Haven't? Well, you better do so now!

What to write?

As one of the SPM examintation candidates next year, you should start with your writing before the school reopen on 3rd January next year!

You can start writing a Daily Journal. It's actually quite similar to your diary writing. Make it a habit to jot down anything that comes to your mind, on papers. Plus, add a few new vocabularies every day.

When to write?

Even you are free to write at any time you wosh, I suggest the time before you go to bed.


It is the time before you retire for the day and usually that will be your quiet time, so you usually are able to think more clearly. Plus, writing at the end of the day - of all the occurences  throughout the day - will help you boost your memory as well. Does it not sound interesting? Sure, it is, right?

So, wait no more, hit the bookstore, get yourself a notebook for your Journal Writing today!

Happy writing.